Monday, June 20, 2011


Here I am, starting my own private counselling practice. It is starting say the least. I know this is to expected. But, I also know that money is an important part of the equation, a needed part of the equation. Therefore I have been applying for jobs to provide stability while my practice develops and takes off. The phone calls for interviews have not yet presented themselves. No, I am not yet discouraged. I hold true to the fact that everything unfolds for a reason. I know that a year from now I will look back at how it all the unfolded and be amazed at how everything did in fact happen for a reason. I will be successful, prosperous and fulfilled in my working life, and my home life. This, I know in my heart, is a truth. I breath deeply and trust that the decisions I am making now are the right ones for me and for my family.

However, I have in fact been approached with a job. It is not a job I feel is destined for me, it is not a job I have asked for. It definitely does have possibilities and could provide me with stability for now and for the future. But by taking this job I could also be giving up things. I could be giving up time with my girls, other possibilities that are yet to present themselves. Life will definitely unfold in a way that is different then how I would been planning. But in what ways? For now, I sit and meditate and trust that the best decision will present itself...

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