Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Destined for Greatness

Yesterday morning I decided "Be open...."

As I sat in the doctor's office waiting room with both my girls, a man walked in. I didn't notice his face, his body, or any of his attire, except what was written on the front of his shirt. It said "Destined for Greatness" Yes, this was just a shirt, on some man I didn't know. It was probably a shirt a friend got him as a gag gift, or perhaps one that he needed to buy for himself in a moment of self doubt. Yes, at face value, this shirt had nothing to do with me, nothing to do with my life, nothing to do with my outlook. At face value....

But, the reality is, it had everything to do with me in that moment. The fact is that after weeks of procrastination I made a doctor's appointment the previous week to have a referral to an audiologist. The fact is, I made that appointment for last Thursday, and we got a specialist appointment for yesterday morning. The fact is, that man also had some sort of appointment that morning. The fact is, he chose to wear that shirt out of all other shirts that morning. The fact is, as he walked in I looked up at exactly the same time. The fact is, I didn't see him or his shirt. The fact is, I saw those words. The fact is, they were the exact reminder I needed in that moment. The fact is, those words were meant for me...

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  1. "Destined for Greatness." Now THAT is a shirt I would love to wear. What a powerful reminder right in that moment, Steph. There really is no coincidence...only perfect synchronicity. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to write that down and put it on my desk right now. :)