Monday, December 13, 2010


We live in a time of 'stuff'. Am I a part of this 'stuff' machine? Do I need to acquire things to be happy? What about the 'stuff' I have? Do I use it all? What am I teaching my children about 'stuff'? We live in a time of increasing materialism, increasing waste, increasing want mistaken for increasing need. I have been contemplating more and more about what it means to be happy, and what someone truly needs to be happy? More importantly, what I need and what my kids need to be happy?

I realize that I don't really need a lot to be happy. Time with family, time with friends, time with my children. I need to have books to read, I need to watch movies, I need to meet friends for coffee. I need to be able to take my kids to the park. I do need a computer and connection to information in the great wide web. But a simple computer is all I need. I need a nice glass of wine. A trip every couple of years would be nice. I would like to be able to buy clothes from local designers. I would like to support small business.

I need a morning coffee.

I need to better understand the importance of fresh flowers.

I need to spend less time in the house and more time with my family walking outside, enjoying nature, enjoying places. A smaller space would force this issue.

I don't need a big space. I don't need a lot of things. I don't need a lot of clothes. I don't want designer purses, I don't want nicknacks to fill my house and mind with clutter. I don't want to buy things that will rarely be used. Then why is my tiny house filled with lots of things that I don't use. Why does my 4 year old have lots of stuff she never uses. Why does she get it and I don't? Why don't I listen when she says we need to sell stuff in a yard sale? Why do I feel I need to buy her more and more 'stuff' for Christmas?

I need to get rid of stuff. Stuff is not good for the soul.

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